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Is The 3-Day Recruitment Transformation Challenge

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YES! This Challenge Is For You, Especially If...

  • You're Tired of wasting time, money and energy running job posts and making call after call chasing applicants... but STILL not generating the number of hires you need.
  • Your recruitment efforts aren't achieving the results you need to consistently staff all your open positions... (Shh... you’ll unearth methods to transform "subpar" recruitment tactics into high-applicant response solutions - without overthinking!!)
  • You want a proven recruitment framework that WORKS each time... where applicants almost instantly want to commit, show up and work for your company!
  • ​​You want to shift from "begging and chasing" to being "Magnetic" and attracting applicants AT WILL with a "captivating persona" where you’re perceived as a luminary in their view…

If You Want To Consistently Attract A Steady Stream Of Qualified Applicants… The Kind That Are Are Eager to Show Up - And Work for Your Company...

Then This Challenge Will Show You How!

From: Alex Thompson

Imagine if I revealed to you the enigma behind my triumph…

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No kidding – if I were to classify my peak 10 most VICTORIOUS fragments of advertising content I’ve ever composed…

Every Single One Was an Advertising Resource I Formulated Post Immersing Myself in Ella Johnson's Material.

Even the fundamentals I embraced from Lucas Smith of WebSales Inc. were ideas he acquired from Ella, but splendidly streamlined.

And that's the quandary…

Let’s acknowledge reality – text crafting can be challenging.

Even if you're versed in the "victorious cues" to supply any A.I. contraption you decide upon…

The copy nevertheless emerges resembling an extraterrestrial striving to pose as "human."

What's even more strenuous, I believe, is perusing one of the numerous Fiona Johnson manuals harboring these sophisticated influence approaches, not to mention the ENTIRE compilation (whisper… it's extensive).


If your essence is akin to mine, you recognize the distress of destitution. You're also aware…

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Moreover, when you factor the equation…

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I assure you, I can engineer such a profound shift in your marketing... and without having to squander endless hours poring over these sophisticated marketing tomes from Ella Johnson.

Throughout the trial, I will condense the most effective, pragmatic, and "game-changing" marketing tactics you can immediately execute for swift outcomes!

Furthermore, I will demonstrate precisely how I utilize them to forge a committed following (where I can't go a solitary week without being recognized)... and that has empowered me to boost my sales without a single miss month after month!

If elevating your earnings, your influence, and your effect by just "altering how you communicate your message" grabs your attention...

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Meet you in the challenge,

[Your Name Here]

What You'll Learn During The FREE Recruitment Transformation Challenge!

DAY #1:

Speed & 1st Impressions Set the stage for Your recruitment success

Each day is jam-packed with lessons to learn and actions to take.

Day 1 is no exception.

Let's face it...applicants have heard it all before.  They've had dozens of "normal" conversations with employers...AND THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME.

I'm going to unveil the most successful ways to quickly connect and set amazing 1st impressions with applicants (this is changing all the time… so you’ll learn something new even if you’re uber familiar with recruitment).

I’ll then show you how you can integrate these killer new tactics into your specific business — and you can “ethically steal” the perfect script for your own purposes.

If you want more applicants to "buy in" to you company - and see your company as their best and obvious choice - it starts with being 1st to connect, then setting a radically unique (and better) 1st impression than you competition.

DAY #2:

Secrets To Creating FAST Personal Connections (On The Phone​) so They Choose your company

On Day 2, I'm going to show you how to have phone conversations that quickly build deep, meaningful connections (friendships, if you will) with applicants.

You'll learn how to build these personal "bridges" that lead to more applicants having a stronger connection, an emotional bond with YOU as well as your company. 

I'm making it super simple… so you can take action and get real results.

I’ll also talk about how you use the power of repelling in your conversations - yes, repelling - which helps you build more value, trust, authority and sincerity in applicants' minds.  

Using these tactics means your company rises to the top, above your competition, and truly stands out in the crowd as the premier employer that applicants want to show up and work for.

DAY #3:

Get MORE To Show Up To Their calls and Appointments... So You can slash your ghosting

Day 3 - now we're crossing the finish line.

Getting applicants to say yes (over the phone) to your company is not enough... you gotta get em to show up.

I'm going to show you how - once and for all - to get MORE of those qualified applicants to show up to their calls, appointments...and your office.

I will be showing you how to Manage The Gap, which will help you slash your ghosting rates, and get more to show up up - with more committment to your company.

You'll discover the revolutionary power of "emotional drips" that create a lasting impression on applicants - so they CAN'T forget you or their appointments.


For The 3-Day Challenge!

Leigh Davis

The Mad Scientist 

Known as the world's leading expert on attracting and retaining top talent, Leigh Davis brings nearly 30 years of expertise and unparalleled recruitment and retention success.

Leigh and his wife Candra started their own home care company in 1996 after his parents’ decade long struggle with horrible caregivers...

Since 1996 Leigh has tested, developed and created numerous industry-crushing tactics and solutions in his “Lab”. Mr. Davis researches, tests and continues to develop a wide-range of proprietary Magnetic Strategies, including his 57 Point Hiring System, B.E.A.P. and R.I.S.E. programs, the 2P Principle and Champions Club.

Over the years of testing and research, he has become known as the Mad Scientist.

Using his Magnetic Recruitment and Retention Strategies he has…

Written 8 books on the topic of Recruitment, Retention & Marketing
• Contributed to an Amazon #1 Best-Seller
• Reduced turnover to as low as 17%
• Generated some of the lowest unemployment & work comp claims in the home care industry
• Had his Magnetic Job Posts recognized by Indeed 2 years running as the #1 and #2 job post examples (out of more than 30,000,000 job posts reviewed each year) that agencies should use to attract top talent
• Assisted national & international corporations & companies as an advisor, consultant & strategist
• Become the only person in the world recognized by Lloyd’s of London for his consistent recruitment & retention success over the years

His Magnetic Strategies have helped his clients:

Increase applicant response by an average of 296%
Slash cost per applicant by an average of 55% and
Slash cost per click by an average of 54%
Slash total ad spend by an average of 34%

He and his Lab team help owners implement his unique, Magnetic Strategies for attracting, hiring & retaining top talent & growing revenues long-term.​

This Is Your Chance To Transform Your Recruitment Results

Using These Brand-New Magnetic Strategies
That Create Long-Term Streams Of
More AND Better Hires...


Ready To Attract And Hire MORE Of The Right Ones?

What You Can Expect From The Challenge

BEFORE The Challenge:

  • ​Perplexed about how to get more qualified applicants to respond to your recruitment efforts…
  • ​Dull conversations that don't excite anyone.
  • Depending excessively on normal (traditional) recruitment methods that produce weak results.
  • ​​Frequently befuddled and frustrated with attempts to get those qualified applicants to schedule, commit - then show up...

AFTER The Challenge:

  • ​​Harnessing Magnetic strategies in all your recruitment actions, conversations and processes with astonishing outcomes!
  • ​A foreseeable, stable recruitment framework that attracts the RIGHT applicant on autopilot!
  • ​​Easily creating your own recruitment success!​
  • ​​​Roll out triumphant recruitment tactic after triumphant tactic like it's effortless!


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