Want To Convert (And Hire) MORE Of The Right Ones?

Untold Secrets Is A Complete 7-Lesson Conversion Master Class Every Agency Needs To...

Consistently Hire More Candidates,
Reduce Ghosting, Save Money, and
Staff More Billable Hours...Faster!

You'll Learn These Secrets And MUCH More:

  • Secret 1: Steps to Building a Candidate Conversion System That Turns Cold Strangers Into Red Hot Applicants That Show Up
  • Secret 2: Discover How To Ethically "Force" Applicants To Mentally Say YES To Your Company
  • Secret 3: How To Have (Emotion-Based) Conversations That Attract Applicants To Your Company Like A Moth-to-Flame
  • Secret 4: Learn About The Hidden Power Of "Re-Framing" For MAXIMUM Conversion Effect

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**Special Bonus**
You also will get a complete 3 Day Work Shop replay, at
no additional charge, with lifetime access.

Your Conversion Master Class Lessons

1 - Start Here

Set yourself up for success by 1st understanding the steps involved
to make positive change with your conversion.

2 - The Framework

This step helps you get a CLEAR picture of each Key Step in the Framework -
and how each one benefits your overall conversion goals and objectives

3 - Re-Framing The Conversation

You have 1 (brief) chance to make a lasting 1st impression with applicants - this step shows
you how to instantly connect and leave a lasting, positive impression on applicants.

4 - Qualify and Small Talk

The human animal needs a level of comfort and connection BEFORE they're gonna commit and
show up to your office - this step gives you radically different - and proven methods -
to reduce ghosting.

5 - The Hook

Learn how to uncover applicants hot buttons - then "bridge" them to your company as the 1
clear solution to their needs... so they're LESS LIKELY to say yes to your competition
when they call - because they will.

6 - Show Up Solutions

If you just "set their office appointment" you've left a LOT to chance. Learn how to reduce
your ghosting by using these amazingly simple - and low cost - methods to get more follow-through.

7 - Managing The Gap

A LOT of life happens between A) when you hang up and B) when they're supposed to show up -
learn how to manage this mission-critical "gap" of time

You'll be taken to a calendar page to schedule a call with a Recriutment Lab Advisor

Let Me Be Honest...

It does NOT matter if you generate 15,293 GREAT applicants every week,
if you can't convert (and hire) them.

And here's the Shocking Reality...

You'll keep getting mediocre-to-miserable conversion results because you're using Old Methods.

It's true. Right now, you are using the same old conversion methods
that everyone has been using for decades and decades.

And guess what... they're outdated and don't connect or resonate
with today's generations. They're too OLD.

There's the truth...plain and simple.

You're using old, outdated methods attempting to convert
today's generations of caregivers, CNAs, LPNs, RNs...etc.

It's NOT Going To Get Better

What do you think is gonna happen if you keep using the methods (that you're using right now)?

I can tell you it's NOT going to get better. It WILL get worse.

- There will be more competition for the same people

- You will convert fewer applicants as time passes

- Staffing your open hours will get harder and harder

- Your stress level will continue to rise when you look at your KPIs

This will happen...

Unless You Implement New - And Better - Methods

Untold Secrets Of Caregiver Conversion Shows You...

How To Super-Charge Your Conversations With Applicants,
Reduce Ghosting, Hire More Of The Right Ones... and usually SAVE money

Fix Your Conversion Problems TODAY...

You'll be taken to a calendar page to schedule a call with a Recriutment Lab Advisor

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