Meet The Mad Scientist

Since 1996 Leigh Davis has researched, tested and developed the most effective, industry leading "Magnetic" strategies that are proven (backed with data) to drastically improve your recruitment and retention results.

As the world’s leading expert on recruiting and retaining top talent, Mr. Davis brings over 2 decades of expertise and unparalleled success.

Leigh and his wife started their home care company in 1996 after his parents’ struggles with horrible home care companies and caregivers.
They are still owners today.

This family ordeal solidified his resolve not just to start a "company" but to develop consistent, predictable methods - repeatable systems - to find honest, reliable employees for his company.

His Magnetic Strategies help his clients...

• Increase applicant response by an average of 528%

Slash cost per applicant by an average of 75% and

Slash cost per click by an average of 79%

Over 2 Decades Of Using His Magnetic Recruitment and Retention Strategies He Has...

  • Written 8 Books on the topic of Recruitment, Retention and Marketing
  • Contributed to an Amazon #1 Best-Seller
  • Out of more than 30,000,000 (30+ million) job posts reviewed and ranked each year by Indeed, Leigh's Magnetic Job Posts ranked #1 and #2 two years running, as job posts that agencies "should be using to attract top talent"
  • ​Assisted national and international home care and health care groups as an advisor, consultant and strategist
  • Become the only person in the world recognized by Lloyd’s of London for his consistent recruitment and retention success over the years

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Leigh and his wife Candra are ardent supporters of
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

They also oversee their own low-cost spay/neuter program called the Prada Pitbull Program.

Since inception Leigh and Candra have helped spay and neuter hundreds of pits and pit mixes, eliminating thousands of unwanted pets.

Leigh helps corporations, agencies and owners (large and small)
transform their recruitment KPIs

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