How We Get You Results...


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We do the work for you 
and generate a steady stream of applicants

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We give you the tools so YOU can generate a steady stream of applicants


A complete 7-Lesson Conversion  MasterClass of tactics & new solutions


Outcomes YOU Can Expect

"Mama Mia!!!
We actually have all of our positions filled but one!! Truly amazing and we couldn't have done it without you!!"

Colette - Home Instead

"The methods of advertising you discussed with me was a real eye opener to how obvious a mistake, the entire home care industry is making..."

Ben - Apex Prime Care, Apex Nursing

"We've been getting some really great applicants this week. Thank you 🙏 
Just wanted to give you a shout out!"

Daniellah - Assisting Hands

We have so many applicants, it is “all hands on deck”.

"We drove 243 applicants in 10 days in our little 100,000 population…”

“We were able to staff over 200 new hours with the caregivers we got from that ad…”

"As soon as I received the new postings and updated my indeed job posts it was like a light switch turned on and we started receiving all these applicants like we used to before we made the changes suggested to us by our indeed rep. Our Indeed rep really felt like we needed to spend $1,500 at least to get what we needed and didn't understand that our office is new and just starting up so an extra $1,500 is a big expense for us. We really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Job Post Masters versus the more expensive option because we are still a small office trying to grow. I'm very happy with what we've gotten out of the program so far and would definitely recommend this as an option for smaller offices just starting up."

T.Z. - Assisting Hands

"Hey, I just wanted to say
thank you so much for working with me last week because we are just getting a lot of applicants
every day now
I really really
appreciate it am I yesterday I had
like 11 and today I've got another 12 so thank you so much I really
appreciate it and um I will chat with you later bye-bye.."

Zack – Right At Home

"Leigh has brought tremendous value to my business.
While I have spent years trying to make my company different and standout from the competition, Leigh provided simple and easy to implement actions that do the trick immediately
With his wealth of 20 plus years experience he became the business partner I desperately needed to take the business to the next level. I only regret that I did not find him sooner."

Joe - Incredicare

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